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How can I pay my bill?
Customers can pay their bill by mail, via our payment portal, or in person at the Sanitary Engineering Department, located in the Marion County building, Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  There is a drop-box available at the Marion County Building for those who wish to drop off payments after office hours.  When using the drop-box envelopes(not provided) are required for all payments.

Is there a penalty for late payments? 
Yes, our office charges a ten percent (10%) penalty on any late payments. 

** failure to receive bill does not relieve responsibility for payment. 
What will happen if I do not pay my sewer bill?

Per ORC 6117.02 when any of the sanitary rates or charges are not paid the following may occur:

  • Certify unpaid rates or charges to the county auditor to place on the real estate taxes against the property served by the connection,
  • Terminate the sanitary service to the particular property,
  • Collect the unpaid rates or charges along with penalties by actions from owner, tenant or person or agency that is liable for the payment of rates or charges.
If my tenant does not pay the sewer bill who is responsible for payment?
The property owner is responsible for all unpaid sewer charges and fees. 
I filled a swimming pool, can I receive a credit towards my sewer bill?
Yes, a one-time per year credit can be given when filling a swimming pool.  This credit is only available to metered customers who are current on their accounts. See Leaks and Swimming Pools 
I experienced a water leak.  Can I receive a credit towards my sewer bill?
A request for leak adjustment can be made by submitting a signed leak adjustment form(link).  In order to receive leak adjustment, repairs must be made at the time of request. 
Why am I charged a minimum charge for sewer if there is no usage?
A minimum charge is billed because the sewer service is available to the property for use at any time.
How do I transfer my sewer service if I am moving?
Please call our office at 740-223-4130 or send an email
How is my sewer bill handled when I move during a billing cycle?
All charges should be pro-rated. 

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