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Local Rules

Marion County Common Pleas General Division Administrative Judge W. Tom Edwards, adopted a comprehensive re-draft of the Local Rules of court. The last comprehensive re-draft of the Local Rules was adopted on July 19, 2004 more than 16 years ago.

These new rules adopted many advances for the Court, including:


The Court will soon be implementing efiling, fully adopting 21st century technology that is becoming increasingly common across the state. These rules incorporate efiling rules, electronic signatures, and other issues related to accepting efiled documents.

The Court has been addressing security issues in all areas, from the new x-ray machine, metal detector, procedures, and have updated portions of the local rules related to security. As it is well known, the Court recently had a bomb threat against it, and the Court takes security of people at the Courthouse very seriously.  Additional funds were secured to allow remote hearings and arraignments with those who are incarcerated, decreasing the need for transport into the Courthouse. This increases security, save time, saves manpower, and saves taxpayers money in administering justice.
CERTIFICATE OF QUALIFICATION FOR EMPLOYMENT (CQE)For those who have prior crimes who have made a change in their life, the Court has adopted a new rule clarifying procedures for a Certificate of Qualification for Employment (CQE). This allows those with prior crimes who have prior records to possibly overcome licensing restrictions and obtain better employment. It also provides legal protections to employers to hire reformed persons without fear of lawsuits based upon the prior crimes. This Rule clarifies portions of the Revised Code and makes the process clearer for those who wish to seek a CQE.

We have updated foreclosure proceeding to ensure accuracy, fairness, and opportunity to be heard for all parties involved. Although Federal action has created short term issues for the Courts addressing these unique times, the update of these rules as they apply to foreclosures allows the Court to be to prepared to move forward into the future on these cases.

The Court has updated procedures to ensure that service of process is correct and accurate for all parties. The Court sees due process as one of its most important objectives. These rules are designed to ensure that all people have notice and an opportunity to be heard in their cases.

TIMEFRAMESAs the public is well aware, there have been a number of issues surrounding Marion’s Clerk of Courts in past years, specifically with regards to updating docketing timing and reliability. The Court is now requiring that all documents shall now be filed, imaged and docketed  by no later than the business day following the receipt of the document by the Clerk of Courts. This is an improvement from the three day rule permitted under the rules that are being replaced.  This Court is aware of the fact that other Courts usually docket the same day, and The Court expects that in time, same day docketing or shorter docketing will become the standard practice in Marion, as it is in almost every other jurisdiction. 

The Court looks forward to continuing to improving practices and provide an efficient Court system to the people of Marion County.

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