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What roads do the Marion County Engineer's Department maintain?

We maintain only the county roads in Marion County. The townships pay for any resurfacing, repair, or snow removal on township roadways.
Will the Highway Department pick up a dead deer or other animals on the road?

We will only pick up dead deer as they may be hazardous to drivers. We will not pick up anything smaller for we would need a crew just for removal of dead animals.
Will you cut down trees on my property?

Yes, if the trees are in the right-of-way and a hazard or in the line of sight to motorists, we will remove them if their removal does not pose a threat to nearby structures. The property owner would be notified before removal of the trees.
Who mows the right-of-ways on County roads?

The Highway Department has taken on the mowing of the entire county since 2003. Maps and routes are provided to the drivers and they mow in patterns.
How do you determine what roads will be resurfaced and with what materials?

Roads to be resurfaced are chosen by certain criteria. One of them is the last time a particular road has been resurfaced. Another is the amount of traffic a road receives. The third is the cost involved. The materials are also dependent on basically the same criteria.
Will the road be closed when you are resurfacing?

No, We make a concerted effort to keep the roadways open while repairing them. We may have a flagger on the road to maintain traffic flow. If it is going to be hazardous to workers or motorists then we close the road.
What can you do about my drainage?

Drainage on private property is not the responsibility of the Engineer’s Office. We cannot come onto private property and drain anything. If the problem is within the road right-of-way (ditch) we will address the situation. We also have drainage maps available in our office to assist the public. Useful information can be found in the article “10 Things to Know About Drainage”

10 Things to Know About Drainage
Will you replace my mailbox?

Yes, the County Engineer will replace a mailbox damaged by a snow plow. We will put in a standard rural mailbox according to County specifications.

Standard Rural Mailbox Specifications
How do I get an address issued to my property?
How do I get a permit to build or improve my property if I live in the County?

Each individual township has their own zoning inspector and criteria. We have the zoning inspectors for each township and can provide the public with that information, however we do not have the specific regulations of each township.
Do you have flood zone maps?

No, that information can be obtained at the Sanitary Engineer’s Office.

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